Focus & Power Pre Workout (200g) - GoldTouch Nutrition

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Focus & Power is specially designed to improve your reflexes and reaction time, while at the same time enhances your balance, speed, strength and endurance. If your sport is mixed martial arts, football, basketball, tennis or any other sport that needs eyes, ears and muscle coordination to a maximum level, this is what you need. It is not just another pre-workout that only increases vascularity and gives you energy while training. Focus and power will also give you huge mental focus that will help you accumulate all the power, and energy in your body and put them to work towards your goal, which is to become your best self. Moreover Focus &Power is a two-for-one supplement, because it is extremely fat burning. It uses your own fat to fuel your workouts!

The name says it all, focus on exactly what matters: RESULTS

  • Sharp mental alertness and focus on workout
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Fat burning formula
  • Peaks energy levels
  • Delays muscle fatigue
  • Improved muscle coordination
  • Better mood

Get a scoop 30 min before your workout-fight and start winning or breaking your personal record. For maximum results consume with relatively empty stomach.

* WARNING: The product is extremely strong. Take a half a dose during the first 2-3 times of use, to test your tolerance  and to get used to the product.

Do not exceed recommended dosage - High caffeine content.

Flavor: Blueberry